We understand the ebbs and flows of real estate. Especially in those slower winter months. By partnering with Belwood Investments, they can make your slowest months your most profitable months during the year! Belwood buys homes any day, any time! It just has to make sense. Enjoy having an Ibuyer in your back pocket at all times! Download the Belwood App to submit properties. When you recruit other realtors to join with your code, receive discounted monthly fees!



These programs are not required for purchase to submit properties through the app. However, what we have found is those who purchase them have a much higher conversion rate! We know how to spot opportunities in the marketplace and cost effectively unleash potential value. We understand the math that makes properties profitable!

Learn how to:
-Master the art of negotiating properties on and off market for Belwood.
-Price properties efficiently and effectively to meet Belwood's pricing strategy.
-Identify fixers in your market.
-Get a higher conversion ratio by  learning Belwood's methods and strategies.