Here is how it works...

The investor comes in with 20% of the total project cost and wires directly to the title company. The remaining financing is covered by Wall Street funds.

Total project cost is purchase price plus carrying cost and rehab cost. For example if purchase price was $250,000 and carrying and rehab costs were $50,000 then the total project cost is $300,000. in this scenario, the investor would come in with $60,000.

Home Depot renovates the home. Belwood Investments then re lists the home and once sold, the title company issues the investor their initial investment back plus 50% of the net profits!

Security and transparency is our priority with, Belwood Investments! Each investor is secured to each one of their investments by a 2nd Deed Of Trust. All funds sent in by an investor are allocated and managed by the Title Company and Hedge Fund. at no point in time, do investor funds ever touch the hands of, Belwood Investments.

All net profits are split 50/50 and are secured by a Joint venture agreement at the time of investment.


Current averages when using the B52 Method with Belwood

(Updated last on 5/25/21)

Light Remodels: 36.5% ROI in 86 Days

Medium Remodels: 29.2% ROI in 131 Days

Heavy Remodels: 15.5% ROI in 361 Days



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