A Guide to Your Goals

Founded in 2018 and based out of Folsom California, Belwood University is a simple and easy process! You find the house, Belwood price's it and negotiates, and if they purchase it, you make a check!

Literally, that easy!

Our mission is to help everyone who wants to make extra money without changing their current daily routine. We created a program that ACTUALLY works to the extent that you work it.

Our programs not only provides guidance and resources but we help you every step of the way to create, manage and profit. We give you all the tools to succeed!

Belwood University is perfect for anyone looking to make a supplemental income. What is nice is you can do anytime, from anywhere, with no money or real estate experience. 

This program is perfect for people trying to make a side hustle, tired of paycheck to paycheck living, those who want to retire, travel, make more and work less, donate, or be debt free. The list goes on & on... 

We know how hard it can be to to take control over your financial situation, that is why we created Belwood University. ​